Total, through its marketing/refining division, is present in Asia in 18 countries with 3,500 employees. The company has 80 subsidiaries and 150 offices in this region, each one employing 7-8,000 people.The main languages used are English and Chinese.

Asia is considered a region of strategic development for the group.

The needs of Total

The project was born from the determination of the HR Director of Pacific Asia (APAC) to provide an HRMS which is adapted to the constraints of the region; in other words: a regional vision coupled with a local flexibility, enhanced services which Human Resources can provide to the teams, as much as for Core HR as for talent management, and a willingness to make each employee a key player in his/her career.

It has a major constraint, namely the number of countries and subsidiaries, as well as group and local obligations.

Our solution

Total opted for the OneAragon solution of Aragon-eHR for its functional qualities, the budget and the very short time frame of implementation of the system. The HR program in SaaS mode (Core HR and Talent Management) was first implemented in Singapore for a trial run, and was then rolled out to all the regions in the following areas and functional processes:

  • The simplification and harmonization of administration management (employee file – time – absences…) and interfacing with local payroll systems;
  • SWFP (Strategic workforce planning) through talent management (staff evaluations);
  • Effective and operational reporting in real time (group and local management)

Why did they choose Aragon-eHR

The OneAragon solution developed by Aragon-eHR has enabled us to respond to the whole of Total’s constraints in record time, while paying close attention to the standard of quality and detail.
Example: each of the countries in which Total operates in Pacific Asia has its own labor laws; the declaration of the race of an employee is illegal in Papua New Guinea, whereas it is mandatory in Singapore. OneAragon allows us to respond to these requirements in a granular as well as extensive manner.

Aragon-eHR’s services have been retained for its ability to evolve

The implementation of the HRMS in SaaS mode enables us to improve the current system: Core HR, expense claims in accordance with group policy, interfacing with local payroll systems, strategic workforce planning, performance evaluations, succession planning… all while taking into account group requirements and HR management needs on a local level.


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